Beginning as a tile company in 1992, Holland Valley has developed excellent relationships with tile suppliers to provide competitive pricing and extensive knowledge of tile and installation products.  We have hundreds of tile samples in our showroom, working with two national tile suppliers to bring you a wide selection of materials with both traditional and current trends.  Visit Centura Tile or Olympia Tile for an online catalog of samples.



Natural Stone

A traditional type of tile, ceramic provides a solid surface for walls and floors.  Ceramic tile is available in many colours, shapes and sizes, and is typically the least expensive form of tile.


​Prova's product line is an industry leading collection of waterproofing for tub surrounds, steam showers and shower systems. 
Porcelain tile is a more dense, less porous tile, providing a greater stain resistance and more solid surface.  Porcelain tile tends to be more expensive, but better quality than ceramic.

Uncoupling Membrane

​The uncoupling membrane is a system used on plywood substrates to prevent the cracking of tile as a building shifts or settles.
Known for luxury, natural stone is available in various types including marble, travertine, and slate.  Typically the most expensive tiles, natural stone has very specific applications.