Laminate Flooring
Soho and Matrix engineered laminate flooring by URBN are a 12.3mm thick product, with an AC4 rating.  What does that mean?  It means the laminate we sell is durable and boasts an impressive limited lifetime residential warranty.   All colours are 6" x 48" planks, packaged in boxes of 17.27 sq ft and are sold by the box only.  $3.45 per sq ft/$59.58 per box. 
Matrix - Alloy
Matrix - Argon
Matrix - Fusion
Matrix - Lignium
Matrix - Lithium
Matrix - Platinum
Matrix - Titanium
Matrix - Tungsten
Soho - Cocoa
Soho - Coral
Soho - Flax
Soho - Graphite
Soho - Reef
Soho -Sisal
Soho - Wheat
Guide to AC ratings for laminate flooring
AC1 - Moderate Residential - Built to withstand only light residential use. Suitable for closets or bedrooms.
AC2 - General Residential - Built for moderate foot traffic. Suitable in residential spaces that don’t see a tremendous amount of wear and tear like dining rooms or living rooms.
AC3 - Heavy Residential/Moderate Commercial - Built for all kinds of residential use including high–traffic rooms and even commercial spaces that have light traffic like offices without off-street traffic and hotel rooms.
AC4 - General Commercial - Built to withstand every kind of residential use as well as more heavily trafficked commercial spaces that have off-street traffic like offices, cafes, and boutiques.
AC5 - Heavy Commercial - ​Built for the busiest commercial uses and high–traffic spaces like department stores and government buildings.